Fluidizer Blender

Inside Of A Fluidizer Blender

Fluidizer blenders are fairly new on the American industrial scene. While the last 25 years have seen a steady increase in their use, most ribbon blender users are not familiar with them.

These machines look like ribbon blenders from the exterior, but inside they are a large group of fluidizer blades going in all directions. These blades produce a very nice counter-current flow while keeping the material in the blending chamber level. Plus, the blend speed is faster than what’s typical of ribbon blenders. If a gentler mixing action is desired, add a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). This addition allows the fluidizer to handle the product gently like a paddle blender but blend the product much quicker.

Piece Of Fluidizer Blender

In most applications, fluidizers notably outperform both ribbon and paddle-type blenders. Industrial mixer users simply aren’t as aware of them due to their relative recency, and most blender manufacturers do not have the technology and do not make them.

Customers who have tried our fluidizer blenders have been impressed. They cost a little more due to the extra blades, steel, and workmanship required, but the speed and flexibility of the products you can blend are well worth the slight difference in initial cost. Adding a VFD gives them tremendous flexibility with any current or future blending requirements. Talk to our fluidizer consultants to learn more.

Pieces Of A Fluidizer Blender


More Pieces Of A Fluidizer Blender

What We Offer

We manufacture a line of fluidizer blenders that runs from a 5 cu. ft. to a 500 cu. ft. Horsepower reaches up to 150 HP. Each machine is sized and constructed based on your product’s bulk density and special features, ensuring you get the performance you need. We emphasize high sanitation and safety standards and low maintenance requirements.

Call our sales team today to discuss your blending challenges, our engineering capabilities, and the extra quality you enjoy when you AIM for the best. Sample blends are welcome.

Standard Equipment Features

AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. includes more features on its machines as standard and at no extra cost than other manufacturers. We even guarantee in writing that we offer the most machine-for-investment-dollar value of any manufacturer worldwide. Cheaper machines exist, but anyone seeking quality design and construction will see that our fluidizers have more to offer than anything else at a comparable price. Our standard features include:

  • Solid construction
  • Sanitary safety grates
  • Stainless steel backrests
  • Overlapping seals on lids
  • Foot plates with mounting brackets
  • Certified sanitary design
  • Hinged safety grates
  • Stainless steel lid handles
  • Reinforced pyramid lid design
  • Permanently engraved safety stickers
  • Direct drive motors
  • Sanitary split packing glands
  • Safety switches on all lids
  • Safety switch on discharge

Optional Equipment Features

Whatever you need, we can make it thanks to our many optional and custom features. Our fluidizer blenders come in standard-duty, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty varieties and may be constructed with 316 SS, 304 SS, mild steel, or other types and grades of steel. For the contact surfaces, we offer pharmaceutical-grade, food-grade, or chemical-grade options, as well as low bacteria finish, mirror finish, near-mirror finish, #4, or 2B. Your exterior can have a professional-looking matte finish or a mirror finish as well. Plus, discharges can be a slide gate, butterfly valve, ball valve, or bomb bay doors.

Our other optional and custom features for industrial mixers include:

Blenders made with pharmaceutical grade, food grade, or chemical grade contact surfaces
Blenders made with 316 ss, 304 ss, mild steel or other types and grades of steel
Contact surfaces can be a low bacteria finish, mirror finish, near mirror finish, #4 or 2B
Exterior finished can be a professional looking mat finish or a mirror finish
Blenders can be constructed in a standard duty, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty
Discharges can be a slide gate, butterfly valve, ball valve, or bomb bay doors

Holes in lids for overhead hoppers
Lift kits for low overhead applications
Inlet dust collection nipples
Liquid injection systems and tanks
QA sample port in discharge chute
Blender loading platforms or mezzanines
Stainless or mild steel frames
Pneumatic discharge openers
Many other optional or custom features
Leg lengths can be customized
Variable frequency drives for rpm control
Discharge dust collection ports
Magnets custom fitted to discharge
Bulk bag hanging systems
Heating and cooling jackets
End or center bottom discharges
Multiple discharge openings

Showroom Blenders

AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. created the showroom blenders for two of the country’s biggest nutraceutical manufacturers. Each manufacturer chose a 350 cu. ft. blender, with one selecting a low bacteria/mirror finish on the blender’s interior and exterior, including the frame and motor mount. Both companies are exceptionally proud of their real “live production” showrooms and feature them during tours.