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Many of our Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing clients purchase either our Fluidizer Blenders or Ribbon Blenders to do their bulk blending for larger quantities of powder and supplement mixtures. These manufacturers have found our nutraceutical blending machines to be essential for high-volume contract manufacturing of multivitamins, sports supplements, protein powders, infant formulas, meal replacements, herbal extracts, food supplements, and many other nutraceutical products with medicinal benefits.


AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. manufactures an impressive line of industrial blending equipment including, fluidizer blenders and ribbon blenders for Nutraceutical mixing.  Our industrial mixing machines run from 5 cu. ft. to 500 cu. ft. in size and vary in horsepower up to 150 HP depending on our client’s specific needs. Each machine is sized and constructed based on their product’s bulk density, weight, and special features needed to ensure that our clients get the precise formula blend they need.

StandardsWe understand the complexities required in maintaining extremely high sanitation and safety principles within the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. That’s why we meticulously manufacture our industrial mixers specifically for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries emphasizing the highest standards. Also, because we manufacture our blenders with such high benchmarks, our machines require much less maintenance to operate which increases productivity and saves our clients’ money for many years to come.


Featured blending equipment for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries:



We have found that in most applications, Fluidizer Blenders notably outperform other types of standard blenders. Companies using other types of industrial mixers simply aren’t as aware of fluidizers due to their relative recentness to the American industrial blending scene. There are several companies that produce industrial blenders for the nutraceutical industry. However, most of these blending machine manufacturers simply do not have the technology nor the experience to manufacture fluidizer blenders for nutraceutical blending.

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Fluidizer machines look like ribbon blenders from the exterior; however, within the inside are a large group of fluidizer bending blades that appear to be going in all directions. These blades are actually engineered to produce a very nice counter-current flow while keeping the material in the blending chamber level. Plus, the blend speed is faster than what’s typical of ribbon blenders. Customers who have tried our fluidizer blenders for nutraceutical mixing have been impressed with how these blenders can offer a superior blend. Fluidizer mixers can cost a little more due to the extra blades, steel, and workmanship required to build them; however, the speed and flexibility of the products you can blend are well worth the slight difference in the initial cost.

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Our industrial Ribbon Blenders tend to be the most popular machine we manufacture. Within the blending industry, a ribbon blender for nutraceutical mixing is considered a standard. These industrial mixing machines also tend to be less expensive to purchase, depending on the number of custom features you choose to add.

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Our industrial mixing machines are commonly used for bulk dry powder formula blending, granules, pellets, and mixing other solid forms. Ribbon mixers have two inner and outer helical ribbons that are mounted on a central shaft. These double spiral ribbon agitators are designed to move material both inwards and outwards in opposing directions while also moving product radially out from the center point. These helical ribbons are set to approximately a 5mm clearance from the interior of the trough-shaped semicircular bottom so that no layering occurs and no material remains on the bottom of the ribbon mixer while mixing and discharging materials. This combination of clearance and movement of the product being blended promotes fast and thorough mixing in shorter cycle times.

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Some common custom features ordered:

  • Choices of contact surfaces: we offer pharmaceutical-grade, food-grade, or chemical-grade surface finish options, as well as a low bacteria finish, highly polished mirror finish, near-mirror finish, #4, or 2B. Also, you can choose to have the exterior of your industrial mixer have a professional-looking matte finish or a mirror finish as well.
  • Our discharges on all of our industrial mixing machines can be a slide gate, butterfly valve, ball valve, or bomb bay doors.
  • Both our fluidizer blenders and our ribbon blenders can come in standard-duty, heavy-duty, and extra-heavy-duty varieties. You can order them to be constructed with 316 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, mild steel, or other types and grades of steel.
  • We can add a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to your industrial blender if a gentler mixing action is desired. This addition allows the blender to handle the product gently, like a paddle blender. However, it blends the product much more quickly. This option also allows the manufacturer to slow the mixture down considerably in order to safely add new products to that mixture through our standard safety grates while the blades are still in motion.
  • We can also equip your industrial blender with a dust collection system to promote a cleaner working environment and for the safety of your manufacturing team.
  • We also offer large industrial Bins and Bulk Silos for your bulk pre-mix storage.


See our Custom Features page for many more options.


Showroom Blenders

AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. created the showroom blenders and mezzanines for two of the country’s biggest nutraceutical manufacturers. Each manufacturer chose a 350 cu. ft. blender, with one selecting a low bacteria/mirror finish on the blender’s interior and exterior, including the frame and motor mount. Both companies are exceptionally proud of their real “live production” showrooms and feature them during tours.

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