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AIM Blending Technologies, Inc has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing industrial mixing equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to make your project a success!


We are a world-class manufacturer of premium-quality industrial blending equipment and other processing equipment. We’re an American-owned company known for innovative products, superior quality, and competitive pricing. No matter what type of industrial market you’re in, we guarantee the best value for your money and timely delivery.


We offer an impressive line of industrial blending equipment for:

Nutraceutical & Pharma Blending

Nutraceutical & Pharma Blending

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Food, Spice & Season Blending

Food, Spice & Season Blending

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Chemical Blending

Chemical Blending & More

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AIM Offers You More

You need reliable mixing equipment you can count on day after day to produce quality products consistently. That’s why we put extensive time and consideration into engineering all of our industrial blending equipment to the highest standards. Whether you’re buying for the first time or replacing, our team assesses your specific needs to create a product that meets your company's exact blending expectations. Our goal is to ensure you receive your ideal blending or processing solution. In addition to manufacturing, we also offer consulting services and equipment support; contact us today for details.

Mixing Machines

If you have an industrial blending application and your customers depend on your company to produce a professionally blended product, you owe it to yourself and your customers to ask for professional assistance in selecting the correct blender for your application. AIM’s knowledgeable team can help you choose the proper blending equipment for your company’s specific needs.

We offer you the highest quality industrial mixing equipment for your investment dollar than any manufacturer in the world. You can certainly purchase lower-cost machines. However, buyers who are looking for a blender with quality design and construction will see that AIM Blending Technology, Inc. packs more quality features and superior craftsmanship into its machines than anyone at a comparable price. AIM’s philosophy is all about giving you the most value for your investment dollar.

AIM Machine

Our industrial mixing machines run from 5 cu. ft. to 500 cu. ft. in size and vary in horsepower up to 150 HP depending on our client’s specific needs. Each machine is sized and constructed based on its product’s bulk density, weight, and special features needed to ensure that our clients get the precise formula blend they need. We can manufacture your machine with Custom Features in order to tailor it to your company's specific blending needs.



Our design and engineering team members average over 25 years of experience, each working within operations, maintenance, engineering, and management at large industrial blending plants. We know firsthand the problems you face and why reliability matters. That’s why we design our industrial blending machines to be as dependable, safe, sanitary, and maintenance-cost-effective as possible. We also manufacture state-of-the-art mezzanines and loading platforms engineered specific for your blender, which can include safety gates and bag lift systems for easier loading.



The customer comes first; that’s the center of our culture at AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. All of our departments prioritize the customer’s needs, offering full support before and after machine placement.


Competitive Pricing

We deliver superior quality with outstanding value—guaranteed in writing! Without exception, we offer the industry’s BEST VALUE for industrial blending machines and processing equipment. We don’t make the cheapest equipment on the market; we make equipment that’s an excellent investment for any operation.


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Our Products

Our Products

Include but are not limited to:

Ribbon Blenders, Fluidizing Blenders, Paddle Blenders, Rotary Blenders, Dual Shaft Blenders, Industrial Blenders,
Blending Mezzanines, Portable Bins, Bulk Silos.

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