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Exceptionally well built and durable, all of our industrial blenders and processing products are designed with an emphasis on sanitation and safety. Our maintenance features are second to none.

Process Equipment

At AIM Blending Technologies, Inc., we have our own line of processing equipment or can custom build to your specifications. AIM offers bulk silos, semi-bulk portable bins, bulk bag dumpers, bulk bag fillers, surge or scale bins, loading platforms, and other types of processing equipment for your plant.

Blending Equipment

• Ribbon Blenders
• Fluidizing Blenders
• Single and Dual Shaft Blender
• Continuous Blenders
• Jacketed Blenders

• Paddle Blenders
• Cone Blenders
• Low, High, and Variable Speed   Blenders
• Other Powder Blenders

We also offer low-bacteria surface finishing that’s essential in many of today’s industries.

Standard Equipment Features

• Solid Construction
• Sanitary Split Stainless Steel Packing Glands
• Discharge Safety Grate

• Direct Drive Motors
• Safety Switches
• Overlap Seals on Lids

• Sanitary Safety Gates
• Stainless Steel Backrests and Lid Handles
• Hinged Safety Grates

Optional Equipment Features

• Mirror Finish Interiors and Exteriors
• Slide Gate, Butterfly, Ball Valve Discharge
• Bulk Bag Hangers on Discharge
• VFD Units for Variable Blending Speeds
• Heavy Duty Drive Motors

• 304 SS, 316 SS, or Mild Steel Contacts
• Holes in Lids for Overhead Bulk Hoppers
• Magnets on Discharge
• Liquid Injection Systems
• Loading Platforms or Mezzanines

• Chemical, Food Grade, or Pharmaceutical
• Adjustable Leg Length / Lift Kits
• Discharge Chute with Dust Collection Port
• Sampling Port in Discharge Chute
• Many Other Optional Features

Showroom Blenders

AIM Blending Technologies, Inc. has produced the showroom blenders for two of the nation’s largest nutriceutical manufacturers. Each company selected a 350 cu. ft. blender for their show room. One company chose a mirror finish on both the inside and outside the blender, including the frame and motor mount. Both companies are exceptionally proud of their real "live production" showrooms and are open for customer tours.